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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials:

testim nunneley“We had great success with our first litter of 8 perfect pups. Mom & Dad were raised on My Perfect Pet food too so now we have a second generation in the works. I was amazed at how easy it was to wean them. What a relief for Mom! This picture was taken when we got back from their first vist to the vet. All were found to be in excellent health and the vet remarked on how great they all looked. We’re going to miss them but they will each leave with a bag of MPP in the hope that their new families will keep them on this fantastic diet. Click on the photo to see a closeup of these cuties.”~ John, Scotts Valley, CA

testim gibbh“I heard about My Perfect Pet dog food and had the opportunity to tour the factory and kitchen. I was amazed by the cleanliness and seeing the types of meats and vegetables that they use to make their products. I was hesitant when I thought of eating dog food, however, I do remember as a very young child, sneaking a dog biscuit! This was much better!

I have a 2 year old dachshund “Pumpkin” and she is the love of my life. I have been feeding her the My Perfect Pet food now for about 6 months and she loves it. Her fur is softer and shiny, and I believe she is healthier now that she’s on a better food. I get many compliments from people when they pet her saying how great she feels. Pumpkin is the 5th dachshund I have had and all the others had health problems and were all fed canned dog food. I lost 2 of the dachshunds within a month of each other before I got Pumpkin. I am determined to keep her in good health and living to a ripe old age. I believe the My Perfect Pet food will help keep her healthy. This is a photo of Pumpkin with her best friend, Buddy, who is also loving his My Perfect Pet food. Don’t they just look healthy and happy? “~ Helen, La Mesa, CA

testim pooh“This is Pooh. He is a 6 1/2 month old Maltipoo and the love of my life. When I got him he weighed 12 ounces and was loaded with problems: Giardia, bacterial infection, and tapeworm. For 5 months I spent many $$$ at the vet, and tried so many different ‘recommended’ foods that I lost count. I stumbled upon “My Perfect Pet,” when there was a demo at one of the local pet stores that sell their products. By the time Pooh finished his first ‘trial’ bar of ‘Buckaroo’ and a few ‘Party Bites’, we were both hooked! Not only does he love the food, but he also loves the staff that works at the company headquarters. He loves to go there for a “tour and taste” whenever we are in the area. I can’t say that Pooh’s problems are completely gone, but the process is well on its way! There is no doubt that “My Perfect Pet” produces the perfect food and Pooh will be a fan (and eater) for the rest of his life.”~ Elly Millman, San Diego

testim chloe“This is Chloe. She’s a 3 1/2 month old Chihuahua/Itallian Greyhound mix who is about the pickiest eater on the planet. When I met My Perfect Pet at the Phoenix Pet Expo I was at my wits end and was just about ready to come home and cook some chicken for her because I couldn’t get her to eat anything. I decided to take a chance and get her the Buckaroo puppy food as well as a pack of the treats. I brought it home and she’s eating like a little champ now! She’s actually gained about a pound in a the little time that she’s been on the food. I’m convinced this is the best for her and will share the information with anyone who wants the best for their pets! Thanks for helping my girl!”
~ Valetta Kemp

testim allure“THANK YOU for this wonderful food. I am raising a litter of pups right now and had no idea what to wean them to as I have not had great luck with weaning to raw or to canned/kibble food. I found out about My Perfect Pet just in time. I put all my dogs on it and have noticed a huge difference. I have to tell you the biggest difference so far is in their stools. Hardly any and perfect consistency! To me that proves that they are using and receiving the most nutrition they can from the food. There is 3 times the amount of stool on kibble which means it is mostly fillers that are not being used by their bodies. The puppies love it and do not get all dirty from it. I have noticed a big difference in the tear staining as well. I am so happy!!! My dogs just can’t believe they get to eat this food. I also love that you make grain free. The convenience of serving is a breeze with the premeasured bricks! ……… you guys have thought of everything. Thanks again!”~ Lisa Des Camps

testim madia“Fabulous and Fantastic. I am just thrilled that My Perfect Pet was born. We all search for that perfect food and now it is here. I have zero tear staining, controlled weight and small poops. The small stools tell me that most of the food is properly digested and free from “fillers”. One of my bichons, who is now 4 years old, no longer has bouts of “acid reflux activity” first thing in the morning. I also just weaned a litter of pups directly to My Perfect Pet Buckaroo blend. It was the easiest transition I have ever experience. Yippee. Love this food – available grain free – easy to feed – dogs love it and it is the tops in nutrition.”~ Sandra Madia, Marquise Bichons

testim gibb“We learned about My Perfect Pet when I began cooking for my own dogs and my foster dogs in an effort to resolve some ongoing issues with weight gain, tear stains and a variety of sensitive skin and tummy issues. One of our dogs was gaining weight as a result of being on medication for an immune disorder. Others were constantly fighting red tear and saliva stains on their otherwise white coats. Our foster dogs almost always had skin irritation or loose stools. After deciding to make homemade food for them, I started to see some improvement, but I was still concerned that they might not be getting the right balance of supplements from my homemade diet.

While working with my vet and figuring out what supplements a dog needs, I happened across My Perfect Pet. It was the perfect solution. Fresh, homemade food PLUS supplements perfectly balanced for dogs.

Within days of switching to My Perfect Pet I could see a difference in every dog. Their “waste” was consistent and much smaller. Their energy levels were more active. Within a few weeks I could see a dramatic difference in their tear stains and the quality of their coats. The transformation has been amazing. No more kibbles for my pack and no more cooking and packaging my own homemade dog food concoctions. I’m leaving that to the pros at My Perfect Pet. “
~ Tom and Debbie Gibb, San Diego, CA

testim rowe“I learned about My Perfect Pet from my friend who had done extensive research to find a food that would meet the varied needs of her Bichon bunch. After a visit to the My Perfect Pet plant I was more than convinced. The ingredients were the quality I would buy for myself to serve to friends and family. I have two older retired Bichon show dogs and one younger rescue girl. They LOVE My Perfect Pet. It is easy to serve and they dance on their hind legs at feeding time. We start off the day with Bobo Bites. Everybody gets one and they are gobbled down. Since starting my perfect pet stools are smaller and easy to clean up. My one girl who has had some tummy problems hasn’t complained in months. Eye stain is gone and their coats are beautiful. My Perfect Pet food is perfect indeed.”~ Linda Rowe, Oceanside, CA

testim mcfarlane“Since we have started our dogs on My Perfect Pet, we have been able to reduce the dosage of Temaril-P for our itchy Bichon by 75%. Four of our Bichons are on the Roxy Blend and we have one on the Snuggles Blend. They all eat with gusto. Since I am the designated pooper-scooper I really appreciate the reduction in their stools. It stands to reason that feeding food with lots of fillers leads to a lot of scooping! Everyone’s coats, eyes and teeth look great. Our Bichon eating the Snuggles Blend used to have the most awful breath even after her cleaning. What an improvement! Thanks for coming up with this great product. Now, about my old cat… “~ Diana McFarlane, Carlsbad, CA

testim dillon“TIMING is everything! My Perfect Pet dog food entered my life at the perfect time! I was juggling a female with bladder issues and another with weight issues, a young growing pup and a senior citizen. I was a tad overwhelmed to say the least, trying to keep up with their individual issues. Finding My Perfect Pet was the answer to ALL of these issues. My female with bladder problems is doing well on her Snuggles formula. The rest of the crew is on Hunters Blend (grain free) each getting a different amount of course. The food is EASY to store in my freezer, EASY to serve and best of all my dogs LOVE it! Feeding time has become a joy around here! I Thank You and My Dogs Thank You!”~ Kat Dillon, Chenoa Bichon Frise

testim layla“We have fed our Westie, Layla, the special “Westie Diet” for years after discovering she had some skin issues. It’s a home made diet using fresh ingredients and expensive supplements but she did well on this regimen. Recently my husband passed away and I could not believe how time consuming and expensive it was to feed Layla this special diet. Then a neighbor introduced me to the My Perfect Pet food. It seemed to have all the key components of the Westie Diet, and it was already prepared and ready to serve. Well, the results are fantastic. Layla refuses to eat anything else. She LOVES THIS FOOD and she has had no issues switching from her old diet. I bet I could teach her to do flips she loves this food so much. I am using the treats as a training snack mid-day and she loves that. She is one happy dog at dinner time. She runs over to me after she has totally emptied her bowl and gives me a special, appreciative lip smacking grin. It makes me so happy to see her so happy. AND, mom is happy too, no more daily preparation of the old special diet and no expensive supplements to add in. Thanks for creating such a healthy and convenient product!”~ Sylvia and Layla, San Diego, CA

“We need to tell you how much we appreciate the My Perfect Pet food we are giving our two bichons. Needless to say, we no longer have to hand cook their food anymore because they get all the best ingredients, which heretofore could only be attained by home cooking. We have been pleasantly surprised how much they enjoy this food. It seems to be so satisfying to both of them. They tend not to want extra snacks during the day, as a result of full satisfaction at meal time. In fact, Bill says that he can eat this food himself (he sneaks their treats every now and then). In the past they would get bored of the foods we would give them. Not with My Perfect Pet. They have a good variety and we can easily switch from chicken to lamb, or to turkey, turkey-salmon, or beef. They seem to prefer the turkey and salmon, The Hunter’s Blend. This is the perfect food. What a great find. We are happy to give our testimonial and to tell every dog owner we know about this superior food.”~ Mary Jane and Bill Mitchell, La Jolla, CA

testim mango“I adopted Mango from the South Shelter at the end of February 2011. The skin on her back end was red, infected and in need of antibiotics. Her hair was brown and stained from the constant biting as a result of her food intolerances. Two weeks after starting her on My Perfect Pet, the constant itching and biting completely stopped. Her coat is whitening more every day and the infection on her back end has completely cleared. Mango’s eyes are brighter and she is overall a much happier little girl. Her energy level went up and she transformed into a 6 year old puppy, playing whenever she gets the chance. She LOVES the Hunter Blend and continues to inhale it at every feeding. Thank you My Perfect Pet, for making Mango a new, better version of herself.”~ Nicole, Encinitas, CA

testim benjerry“Our boys, Ben & Jerry, are completely different dogs as a result of the food from My Perfect Pet. Prior to My Perfect Pet we had tried every highend dry dog food with inconsistent results and lathargic dogs. But Hunter’s and Boomer’s Blend have provided our dogs a new lease on life.

So, on behalf of “the boys” we want to personally thank My Perfect Pet. It is unfortunate that it took the loss of their dog to start this business but as a result of their efforts our dogs, and so many others, can really enjoy life the way it was meant to be for them.”

testim georgiab“This is Georgia, and she is an 8-month-old Cavapoo. She wishes she could tell you herself how much she loves to eat now that she’s discovered My Perfect Pet. Georgia used to sleep in every morning because she was much more interested in getting her beauty sleep than in eating. Whenever I offered her food before, she would look at it and walk away. The only way I could get her to eat was to hand feed her. Since trying My Perfect Pet for the first time two months ago,

Georgia literally bounds out of bed every morning at 7 AM and races to the kitchen. She makes noises that I’ve never heard before and jumps up and down until I bring her bowl to her. What I like about it is that it’s easy to fix, and there’s no mess. I just put it in her bowl and add some hot water directly out of the filter. She would be just as happy to eat directly out of the refrigerator, but I like to get a little water in her, as well. There is *never* a drop of food left. In fact, she licks her bowl so clean that it’s spotless!! My Perfect Pet food has made my pet perfect in every way! After breakfast she is so happy that she runs back to the bedroom, gets into bed and goes right back to sleep.!”

testim braeden“My 7 month old puppy, Braeden, LOVES My Perfect Pet food. I tried a frozen raw product for a month hoping he would like it, but it was a struggle. Then my local pet store, Wag-n-Tails in Coronado, recommended I try My Perfect Pet food.

After two months on My Perfect Pet I’ve noticed Braeden is less sluggish, has balanced energy, and fewer highs and lows. His coat feels healthier and I swear his eyes are more clear. I think his immune system is even better! Being a rescue pup, Braeden was sick the first two months that I had him. Now he’s healthy and happy and he gobbles his My Perfect Pet food up as soon as I put the bowl down!”

testim beagles“We have three wonderful beagles all under the age of four. As you can imagine we love them very much and want them to be healthy and fit. We were concerned because they did not seem to be at a healthy weight or loosing weight even though they walk their Coronado neighborhoods an hour each day. We started doing some research regarding changing their food. Just our luck that we saw you featured on the morning news with Mr. Mike Castellucci. He asked all of the right questions that we had. We are so thrilled with the difference for all of our beagles (Ms. Calliope-tri-color, Ms. Apolline-lemon and white, Mr. Basil-tri-color).They all have lost weight, have softer coats, and play much longer at their monthly Greater San Diego Beagle Brigade meetings. What a difference. We thank you so very much for all of your hard work and dedication to our pets.”

testim jenilea“Our little guy use to be a horribly picky eater. We spent tons of money trying all sorts of new dog foods claiming to be the best one for picky eaters, but they never lasted more than a week before our dog grew tired of them. Then on top of that, six months ago he developed a food allergy and started to lose weight. He hated the expensive prescription food we had to feed him. My husband and I were skeptical of “My Perfect Pet Food” but are true believers now!!! Our dog actually picks up his bowl in his mouth to let us know he is hungry, and licks his bowl clean every day. He is gaining weight and has more energy. This dog food was a life saver and I highly recommend it!!!”

testim hurley“I just ate my favorite food – nothing like being a dog in my family, I get to eat the best food out there for pups like me… mom says I’m her “perfect pet!”



testim gracie“Our Gracie girl LOVES my perfect pet — she looks forward to every meal and licks her bowl clean! We feel so lucky to have found your wonderful product. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


testim yorkie“I know I may sound like a commercial but I swear you have no idea how dog food has ruled this house! Especially since we got the puppy! Now when I put it down it is like a race to the finish! Wow! Dogs that usually meandered around each others’ plates never looked up until they licked their plates clean! I am so surprised and delighted to find something that all my dogs will eat and that I know is good for them. And best of all no more steaming caldrons of dog brew to make every two weeks! Thank you so much for all you do for my family and for solving ALL our food dilemmas!”


testim poodles“I have two of the pickiest toy poodles in the world. Neither will eat canned, bagged, or raw food, so I have had to cook for them for over ten years! My home cooked food had several deficiencies… no added vitamins as the dogs hated the powder on top, no healthy oils as I could not stand the smell, and a consistency that kept the dogs picking out the meat and leaving the brown rice and veggies! I was about to give up with one last desperate attempt with Perfect Pet. It had all the same human grade ingredients I use plus everything my food was missing.”


“I have the pickiest dog in the world and I used to have to hand feed her just to get her to eat. After my very picky dog gobbled up your sample, I went right over to the store and bought the food thinking full well it was a fluke and she would not touch it once we got home. Well, to my surprise she did eat it and has eaten only your food since that day!!!! I just wanted to thank you and tell you that you can never go out of business or this dog will never eat again! Thanks again for changing Peaches life (and mine too)!”

testim roxy006“Roxy’s had a sensitive tummy since she was a puppy, frequently upset and her ‘toots’ could clear the room in seconds. She was diagnosed with cancer almost 3 years ago and given 3-6 months. That was when we switcher her to Boomer’s Blend, and 3 years later she is happier and more energetic than we’ve seen her in years, and her tummy problems have completely disappeared. We only wish we’d started this sooner.”


“Our dogs love the food, I haven’t seen JJ on his back legs begging at his bowl since he was a puppy. We have a very difficult time getting JJ to eat anything, but not any more. I also noticed they don’t seem to need as much food as other brands and stay very content.”

testim 697“It’s unbelievable how much the food has improved her energy! She used to lay around all day, and sometimes we had to carry her up the stairs, now she goes all over the place – we haven’t seen her look this good in years. I wish we’d started her on your food a long time ago, we had no idea it could make such a difference.”


“I don’t know how you did it, but seriously, my dogs like your food much better than mine! I love how it kind of flakes into pieces and it actually smells good! Thank you a million times for putting this product on the market.” ~ Poodle

“I’ve noticed the difference already, she never liked going up and down the stairs before at her age. But since I started converting her to Boomer Blend she was going up and down the stairs constantly, and we haven’t seen her do that for a long time.” ~ Rottweiler, 13yrs

testim spaniel“We are thrilled with the results! It’s like having a new dog! She was never this energetic or healthy, even as a puppy. And we never have to worry about her getting enough food, she LOVES it!”



“I was spending a lot of money on a high end food, but I still had problems and was not happy. The vet said my dogs did not have a good balance of food and the blood tests did not look healthy. Since I switched to Boomers Blend the blood test are back to normal, I spend lots less money, and the dogs look better.” ~ Boxers, 3yrs

testim waffles005“It’s been over 60 days now that we have been feeding 12 yr old Waffles your blend. Clearly, years’ are added to her (and our) family life due to the high quality nutrition. She has trimmed down as her energy and enthusiasm have gone up! Beagles are notorious for eating just about anything and we had been experimenting with many different dog foods this past year, however, never have I seen her “lick her lips” in anticipation at meal time now that she has Boomers. Our Vet had prescribed thyroxine to stimulate her thyroid gland and decrease lethargy a couple years ago, but we just finished her last pprscription and I don’t think it’s necessary to refill it now that she’s on your food.”

“She seems to really love the food, and it sounds so much better than what we have been using. I am hoping it also helps with her dry skin problems.” ~ Mixed breed, 7yrs

testim ruby009“Boomers Blend is wonderful. She has absolutely stopped her leg tremors, except for the one week we stopped and tried switching back to her old food – wonder what was in it? Anyway, thank you from all of us!”



“She used to scratch all the time, especially at night. It was better after the vet prescribed some pills for her to take, but since switching to your food I’ve stopped giving her the pills and she hardly scratches at all.” ~ Terrier mix, 9yrs

testim bo10“In just 6 weeks no more chewing on the bottom of her paws or constant scratching, a beautiful coat and a PERFECTLY balanced weight!”



testim stephanie

”Thank you so much for making such a great food. My two little Irish JRT’s won’t eat anything but My Perfect Pet food now!”

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